Madden NFL Football is a video game released annually by EA sports. Since it’s inception 1989, Madden has ranked as a top 5 selling video game in North America.

The Problem:

Madden has the become Oldsmobile of sports video games.

You hear “Madden” and know exactly what it is — a game from bros and jocks. The brand has lost its energy.




How do we make Madden fresh again for its frequent but bored users while also bringing in NFL fans who love the sport but not the video game?



We did a competitive audit over the last 5 years examining related sports video games communication and found a sea of sameness. Gaming commercials consistently spoke to users about the rush of victory.

At the same time, we found the most popular game in the world currently is Fortnite — a game in which the average player wins less than 1% of sessions. We discovered hundreds of videos online of people wildly celebrating their first Fortnite win as if they had won the Super Bowl.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 8.02.18 PM.png


Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.


The video game space is crowded with talk of exhilaration and winning. Let’s celebrate a feeling that both gamers and football fans know all too well— The pain of losing.

Madden makes you work for it. 


The Creative Idea:

Nothing beats a comeback.